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Thread: Depression after Spinal Cord Injury

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam4Eric View Post
    I have a 25 y/o son with a T5-6 SCI from Sept. , 2011 that is depressed and discusses he is giving up on life and doesn't know how much longer he can put up withlife. Any suggestions for my son, he did not get out of bed for almost 20 hours when a friend invited him to snowmobile races.
    Get him around other similar-level injuries who are living their lives as normal as possible (sports is always a good suggestion). How do the brothers get along?
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    Sam4Eric - sorry such unfortunate circumstances as 2 sons with spinal cord injuries happened to your sons and family. My injury was at c4/5 (incomplete) and a lot of what your sons are going through sounds familiar.

    It's just very tough to face life after a serious, life changing spinal cord injury because you think your life is over... Over time I hope your sons will find that they can move forward with their lives and still be happy and have good days even though they had an injury...they just have to go through the process of adjusting and adapting. Tell them to come on here.

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    Thanks to the always worsening f**king pains (primarily the upper back and abdomen), I don't enjoy things and don't want to go anywhere.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Big Pain

    I was fine at fist, 3yrs. I worked so much as a medical sales rep. I spent most of my time w/ patients and device implants for work. I was so busy that it took awhile to kick in. I also was on uber gab and baclofen. The pain started to creep in and I could no longer run from it. I have had devices implanted and meds changed w/ little changes. I had to stop working and on company dissability. That is what cns pain will get you.
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    I start getting depressed when my pain increases and stays high for a long time. I take nortriptyline for pain (and lyrica) and when I tried going off of it two separate times I got depressed, but maybe because my pain increased. It gets confusing because pain and depression are so connected in the brain.

    I have had to learn how to express myself when I feel bad and to talk about it. That helps a lot. Just to feel accepted where I'm at helps me feel better.

    Finding ways to help other people with my abilities and gifts is a great help too. People get embarrassed that they are putting their problems on me, but I assure them that it helps me to help them.

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    Without a doubt...chronic neurogenic pain that we endure for years and years after the initial injury contributes to depression.

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    Big D don't mean Dallas

    So its a poor segway. My Doc has me on two antidepressants and it seems to help. More w/ pain as well. I guess they go hand in hand. It bothers me when people dont understand the significance of pain in our lives. If there is an outward sign of a disease people understand. I know i am preaching to the choir.
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    depression, anger, rage. People often think I am smiling, it's really my face spasming.

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    I was put on a drug Reglan because of gastroparesis (which may or may not be part of my SCI). I was just a regular amount sad, angry and afraid because of SCI, but the Reglan made me overwhelmingly depressed. Dr. (gastro intestinal guy) at first thought the depression was just from the SCI not the Reglan He put me on Cymbalta-not sure it helped-maybe a little. What really helped was stopping taking the Reglan. Depression is an occasional side effect with Reglan, having a SCI gave the depression a real world focus. I don't take much of anything now. Right now I'm having a bit of a personal pity party, but nothing like depression. Chrissy is right I think, it is appropriate to feel something akin to depression when you have SCI at least from time to time.

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    I think I am not depresssed

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