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  • No, I was not depressed and never took medication.

    35 16.43%
  • Yes, I was mildly depressed and took short-term anti-depression medicaation.

    25 11.74%
  • Yes, I was depressed and took long-term anti-depression drugs medication

    67 31.46%
  • Yes, I was depressed but never took anti-depressant medication.

    86 40.38%
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Thread: Depression after Spinal Cord Injury

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    Quote Originally Posted by pete4sake View Post
    How does one possibly cope with the inevitable end stages of SCI. I am in the 2 nd weak of what looks like to be a very long bout with 2 bed sores and am going both crazy and depressed Like others have said no issues when I am funtonong and healthy but when under the grips of infection or now skin sore confinement it is not in my makeup to pretend
    I am not depressed.
    There is no reason you should pretend. Usually my day goes bad if I simply have an unsuccessful bowel program, and that is relatively insignificant. Depression is logical.

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    I found that the pain meds numbed my emotions more than they numbed my physical pain. The need to accept and adapt to sci is essential yet looking back I see that I put up with being stuck in the feeling of helplessness whilst on the meds that I wouldn't have tolerated with my fully functioning mind.

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