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  • No, I was not depressed and never took medication.

    35 16.51%
  • Yes, I was mildly depressed and took short-term anti-depression medicaation.

    24 11.32%
  • Yes, I was depressed and took long-term anti-depression drugs medication

    67 31.60%
  • Yes, I was depressed but never took anti-depressant medication.

    86 40.57%
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Thread: Depression after Spinal Cord Injury

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    Yes. Had relationship issue after rehab. Took a while, but Dr said my liver was stronger, not my depression worse, cranked anti-depressants (without a blood test) and then they eventually worked. He then did CBT which also worked and I stopped taking them under his supervision. Same Dr cranked dose of same drug, Doxepin on some one else and killed them. I also had them for pain later with bad effects such as inappropriate laughter, etc., but did nothing for regular pain and just made me evil. I like opioids for regular pain now.

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    I have been on an emotional roller coaster since 2011 some days good some days not~

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    After 33 years who remembers? ......LOL

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    immediately following the injury (t-12 incomplete) i was confused and a bit frustrated, but after what i experienced since i would not say i was by any means depressed. there were moments, waking up on a cold inflatable mattress in a puddle of my own urine and having no way of getting into the chair or out of the bed (still very weak at that point) had me dialing pawnshops pricing shotguns while i waited for someone to come help me up. But that was it, that isolate moment, and for 4 years or so after i had superhuman confidence and optimism, bordering on delusion. I pushed harder and farther than would have seemed possible at the beginning.

    to this day i know i'm lucky as far as sci level is concerned. my pain is bad when it comes, but i am able to manage without meds (except the occasional tramadol or ibuprofen), my mobility is fantastic if at times frustrating (the fact that i can walk around a bit and climb stairs doesnt make it any easier to go through the whole brace donning process everytime i need to pop down to the mini mart). And my bladder and bowels are reasonbly cooperative, with the occasional bedwetting incident.

    but after so many years, and with so many more ahead, it starts to get heavy. it's harder and harder to overlook the ten thousand frustrations that you wake up to every day, and less rewarding to wake up. it has become hard to find justification for making the effort to stay alive when continued life seems to be the only reward for it.
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    have sort of been feeling the same way. sleep in two shifts,
    never feel well etc
    think you are winning
    but there is always something new for some reason

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    pills don't help
    doctors over prescribe

    it is part of life for me

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    All due respect to those who answered so, but imho if you said after SCI you weren't depressed you're either full of shit or in denial.

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    Part of the problem in US is that rehab is so short. I was injured in 6/70 did not leave rehab until 2/71. My rehab facility was IRM in NYC, just full of sci's, we bonded in our grief and left better adjusted for it. If like me you have been relatively healthy you can escape depression but once you are again confronted with severe shoulder pain, neurologic pain, the types of issues Lynnifer faced, bedsores - then there is no escape - you would be crazy not to be depressed.

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    How does one possibly cope with the inevitable end stages of SCI. I am in the 2 nd weak of what looks like to be a very long bout with 2 bed sores and am going both crazy and depressed Like others have said no issues when I am funtonong and healthy but when under the grips of infection or now skin sore confinement it is not in my makeup to pretend
    I am
    not depressed.

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