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Thread: hotels annoy me

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    I have found it to be the exception to the rule for a HC accessible room to have more than one bed. As I travel with my 17 year old son I respect his desire to have his own bed rather than cuddle up with dad!!! I have found it easier to just take my own shower/potty chair with me and get a regular room. I can almost always get into the bathroom and to tell the truth I don't like a raised toilet anyway. It makes it harder to do my bowel program. I have a bathroom chair that is on 4 smaller wheels and the seat cushioin pops on and off. I pull the cushion off and put the roll around frame on my bike rack on the back of my van. That way I can proudly display it everywhere we go!! Nothing like pulling into a crowded parking lot with a potty chair hanging out like a neon sign. Even more fun to roll it through the lobby of the hotel.
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    wow. maybe we're talking diff price hotels? i admit, i stay, usually, at higher end. or, is it a regional thing? latter hard for me to believe since i've traveled from WA state to Iowa, to Colorado, to So Ca, etc. several times. i am sorry to hear ppl dealing w/this.

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    I think it is just a money issue. We are still a minority, and even less of us travel, so we are not impacting their bottom line. Money talks. I have dealt with the one bed issue, and hc rooms where the bed was so high I couldnt get in it.And I have had some lovely rooms. Don't know why they can't all get it right. It's not that hard to figure it out.

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    It is both Cass. I have stayed at 4 stars that did this crap as well. There are not always high end places when you just need to crash halfway through a road trip late at night and it really is not worth paying a fortune just to sleep. It should not be an issue. I get it in the smaller, older places but not when they are throwing them up new with the same design. This is what I am protesting.
    And usually the smaller older places are the ones that try harder. I go to a lot of off the wall places and I tend to stop along the way and not know when or where I will need to stop on my way to my actual destination. I refuse to give up that adventure on top of all the other planning crap I have to do to travel.
    Nothing changes because we are packing sleeping bags and rolling potty chairs through buildings and just accepting it.
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    Interesting case. I finally filed a complaint today. I hope others will as well.
    If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.

    Sometimes it is easier to widen doors than it is to open minds.

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    I totally agree that hotels are the worst, and the major reason that we don't travel more. It took us 20 phone calls to find somewhere to stay in Oahu when we went last year. We have had the opposite experience though - most often the accessible rooms are w/ two double beds instead of the king in the other rooms. I don't want to go on a romantic vacation and have to sleep in a separate bed from my hubby! Either way, they should have all room types and price points in both standard and accessible rooms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by addiesue View Post

    Interesting case. I finally filed a complaint today. I hope others will as well.
    Good job! I admire your determination and hope your case turns out similarly. I've filed ADA complaints in the past and spent a tremendous amount of my own time and money to get them settled. Here in Va. you can't get any compensation for your time so I've about given up on filing anymore. Sad to say since I could make it a full time job with all of these "grand-fathered" businesses, and new businesses that the local building inspectors let slide by.
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    where can i file a complaint?? there are no beds on legs so we can get a hoyer under it

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnlcato View Post
    where can i file a complaint?? there are no beds on legs so we can get a hoyer under it
    Unfortunately there is no requirement for hotels to have non-platform beds under the ADA. You can complain to the corporate office of the hotel chain, but that is not likely to get you much.


  10. #50 Hilton brand hotels got in trouble under ADA and was found guilty, only a $50K fine, but does not make them look good. I was getting really tired of having to speak to a representative on the phone every time I booked a hilton honors reward stay instead of just having the convienence of booking the HP room online like everybody else does. They use to not make available the HP rooms online. I was told once they did this because they wanted to make sure the person really was handicapped booking the room. I still never did figure out how they'd verify this over the phone vs online. I do like Hilton hotels but this had been a big complaint for a long time and now it should be remedied at last. I was not real happy with the last Hilton I stayed at on Long Island NY as I left my house after having no power for 4 days (hurricaine Irene) to go to the US Open and was dying for a hot shower and they had my room listed in the computer as a HP room and sure enough it was not, could not get into the shower, they had no more real hp rooms so I was outta luck with a shower that night or mourning, they were good about it, they did give me a hp access room the next night and did not charge me for either night.
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