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Thread: looking for semi-recumbent elliptical

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    looking for semi-recumbent elliptical

    Have knee problems and at P/T used the semi-recumbent elliptical bike/cross trainer. Since they are quite expensive and would like to know if anyone has one for sale ones with handlebars on the seat.


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    not sure what you mean? i also couldn't tell your injury level , no info in profile to try to help with other possibilities for exercise.
    cauda equina

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    I have had arthoscopic surgery on one knee - torn meniscus, etc.and other knee that I hurt back in junior high school has developed osteoarthritis. My elliptical was killing me and I couldn't use it and P/T explained why. I fell in love with the semi-recumbent elliptical in P/T office. Movement is great on knees and you get full workout for arms also but stationery cycle - that leg movement is bad on the knees.

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