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Thread: His Guys hows it going

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    His Guys hows it going

    Hi everyone Stinky here, I'm a single parent of a wonderful four year old boy and I have just been diagnosed with Restrictive Lung Disease, needless to say I'm pretty scared for the future of my son if I'm not around to care for him and so to that end I'm looking to inform myself about my condition and how I can prolong my life as long as possible.
    Its nice to meet you and I hope I'm able to add something possitive to the forum.
    Maker of Tiny Warriors

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    Welcome, Stinky. I am a little confused about your post here, as this is a forum for people with or people who care for someone with a new spinal cord injury (SCI). Is that you? Your son? We are not really a forum for those who have lung disease or other chronic illnesses. I will see if I can find you one though, and post here later.


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    Thanks SCI nurse
    Maker of Tiny Warriors

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