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Thread: Wheelchair fit/feedback

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    Wheelchair fit/feedback

    I got a new Tilite ZR a couple of months ago. This is my first chair as an adult, though I have had an incomplete non-traumatic SCI since I was eleven years old (almost 40 years ago).

    The chair has been great and really improved my mobility and I use it pretty much full time.

    I live in a remote area and decided to order it online instead of multiple overnight trips to deal with the DME. I also went to an abilities expo and got to sit in demo chairs and go over specs with Tilite guys.

    Overall, I am happy with the chair. I am comfortable in it all day. Though I do feel slightly high in the chair and do feel like I would like to be a bit lower... sitting down between the wheels a bit more. It think I might like a bit more dump as well.

    The only way to lower the rear seat height would be via cutting and welding, since it is not adjustable. Not sure if Tilite will do this if you send the chair back or not?

    Anyway, here is a pic of me in the chair. Just looking for some feedback.

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    The fit looks pretty good to me. Your posture looks great, and the dump looks fine. You could go to larger rear wheels and casters to feel like the wheel comes up higher on you.
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    See pages 8 of the first, and page 15 of the second attached papers to read about the optimum pushing efficiency and rear-seat height. Off the top of my amateur head, I would say your RSH is a bit too high.

    Problem is your ZR's caster angle is fixed, so if you have your RSH lowered, your FSH will have to be lowered, too (by raising the caster axles to a higher fork hole). Increasing your dump would require adjusting you caster-barrel angle (i.e., welding).

    Maybe Donno's idea of larger rear wheels will help a little, but that brings other issues (i.e., larger diameter wheels are harder to push).
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    If you're incomplete, It may be that you just aren't used to the chair. Loosening up the back upholestery may set you in the chair better but it looks like your knees can't go back any further before hitting the cushion.

    How does the cog feel. Does the b ack feel too high? Looks pretty good too me.

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    I suspect you are looking at a new frame in order to make significant changes to your STF heights. Even if they were able to cut and re-weld the camber tube stalk (which I doubt is possible with titanium), your fork stems would no longer be perpendicular.

    Overall, your positioning looks good. You do look a bit too high, however.

    You may be able to sit a bit lower in the chair if these are viable options for you (None of which are are particularly cheap):

    - Switching to a Low Profile Roho
    - Going with 4 degrees camber. If I recall, you went 16" wide/2 degrees/24" wheels. Your overall width would still be <26" with 3/4 wheel spacing.
    - Switching to tension adjustable by straps seat upholstery.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks, everyone, for all the feedback.

    The chair overall is great. I am comfortable in it all day. COG seems perfect... just a bit tippy and I like it that way.

    The back is adjustable and I started out with it at 12" and raising it up to about 14" and it feels good. I think I would prefer a solid backrest.... maybe next chair.

    Funny thing is that I took all my measurements myself and figured out what I needed, with some input from the fine folks at CareCure When I went to the abilities expo I found I wanted the seat size to be about 1" smaller. That was a good change. The chairs I sat in seemed perfect as far as height goes. They were a bit taller than my measurements but I went for what tested right sitting in the chair over my measurements.

    The guys in the Tilite booth helped me adjust my order form and they are the ones that suggested the higher seat to floor height.

    I think it is the cushion that has made the difference. The foam cushion in the demo chair must have been thinner or compressed more than mine. My cushion is not too thick though. It is a Stimulite sport. Only 2".

    If I had to do the order again, I would have ordered at least 1" lower. Maybe 1.5", knowing it would be easier to move up via a different cushion than it would be to lower with this type of chair.

    I really only noticed a problem when wheeling with my knobbies. With the knobbies I tend to push with my hands on the knobby tire itself, which is higher. It just felt more efficient as far as my arm position.

    I am going to leave it as is for now.... but I may spring for an new frame down the road. It is so close to feeling perfect.

    If I had to do the entire order again, I would go for the box frame TR over the ZR.
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