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Thread: Caster wheels 2007ish Tilite ZR

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    Caster wheels 2007ish Tilite ZR

    I got soft roll non frog legs caster wheels on my TiLite ZR that I got in 2007ish. I believe they are 4 x 1in. Well today the bearing appears to have fallen out of the middle of the caster wheel like half way, makes the caster wheel very immobile.

    I'm just wondering will any 4 x 1 inch caster wheel off SportAid work as a fix? For example, these? It says frog legs on them and I have regular forks though.


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    Hey Donz, WHy not jusdt change the bearings? YOu can get some great ceramic bearings or some from a skateboard shop. Ther are a few threads here discussing caster bearings.

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