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Thread: voluntary movement...?

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    voluntary movement...?

    I just recently noticed that when I try and move my toes on my right foot...they will move sometimes as I am trying and then if I stop trying to move them they will continue to spasm. What I am trying to figure out is, if this would be classified as voluntary movement..? or is it just spasms? Because every time that I have tried to move them they don't always move but they do move some of the times I try.... if that makes sense? Im not real good at explaining this stuff!

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    do it often.....give it time ....see if after a while, say a month, or whatever, if u get more control.....sounds like your activating the muscle but that its not often enough so the muscle is like "whoa whats going on" and spasms....ive had responses from some muscles on me the same way ..but control came and spasm went away..........maybe also that its just a "signal" problem from or to the brain that is not telling the muscle to relax or stop once u move it.....but i would definitly work it and see if it changes
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