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Thread: TiLite boggles my mind

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    Good responses!

    I don wan a hell coil!

    "If you have decent mechanical chops, this is a quick and simple job."

    I do, sounds like it can be done, but I won't say anything either way.
    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donno View Post
    I'd send the picture to Froglegs, and make sure that they sent you the right Unitine. I'm pretty sure that they set them up to be a direct replacement. My swap was on a version 1 ZRa.
    Gary's got the right part, I can tell from the picture. The Unitine for the TiLite has the caster barrel cap and the black(ish) stem bolt. (The Unitine for the Quickie doesn't have the cap and the stem bolt is silver colored.)

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    I would remove the stem from the UniTine and use the factory stem. Just make sure the lock nut catches enough threads to reach the nylon portion. If not, I would give Mark at Frog Legs a call.

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    I am sure that you worked out the Frog Legs Unitine issue by now... I got the same thing from Frog Legs and was scratching my head. When I called them, they said, "Oops, we should have sent them WITHOUT the stem bolt (I have a ZR 2). Just take that out and install them on the factory stem." Bingo!

    If you get this, how do you like them? I really like them but I did break an axle one time. It was a little scary getting back to my van. Oddly, the wheelchair was fairly stable with only 3 wheels. I did get some help up my ramp and then asked my wife to bring my old chair out to the van and swap them.

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