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Thread: Empi 300 pv

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    Empi 300 pv

    For sale $375.00 - barely used.

    This portable Neuromuscular Stimulation (NMES) device is a multi-function electrotherapy system, with the ability to function as a NMES, TENS, and High Volt Device. The 300PV offers all the flexibility and power of the larger, more costly tabletop "clinic" devices in a portable package that runs on rechargeable AA batteries. This makes it ideal for both clinic and home use.

    The 300PV generates a low level electrical stimulus to cause muscle contraction. Commonly adjusted parameters are waveform, pulse rate, and the length of device operation (duty cycle).

    Easy to read LCD display
    9 NMES and 4 High Volt pre-programmed regimens for a broad range of applications
    Full parameter control for clinicians that choose to customize individual programs
    Step-by-step setup and use
    Program lock to ensure patients' use as prescribed outside of clinic
    Digital output-intensity is reproducible from patient-to-patient

    This unit is barely used. $1500 new.

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    Hi: Do you still have the 300 pv Neuromuscular Stimulator EMPI? I would like to buy this if still available. Please reply to Thank you.

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    do you still have the unit?

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    Empi 300PV

    Do you still have the device? Please respond to

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