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Thread: Speedi Cath Compact

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    Hi Lynnifer I have a box of them
    I like coloplast the only thing is they are somewhat stiffer
    But great in emergencies imop .


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    I agree with Addiesue and keps, their are nice to have in the bag when you are going out but too hard for daily use.
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    Hi Lynnifer! We Corinnes are fairly rare! I use the 'in' pronounciation.

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    I so wish I could use these catheters. My mom saw them on a commercial and told me about them, but I had to explain to her that there is no way those would fit in my mitrofanoff stoma (because of how short they are). Too bad they can't make something like that for women with mitrofanoff's.

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    I have been UNABLE to locate these in the US. A friend of mine with SB (ambulatory) brought them to our SB camp last year. They work well for me but the problem is getting them. I have had Coloplast send me samples but they can't order them for permanent use. I am able to transfer to a toilet and would love to shorten my catheters when out and about or when I'm at the urologist and need to give a sample.

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    I got them..very cute,,and they work ok,,BUT,,I don't like the idea of all that plastic shell..extra plastic in the enviroment..just seems so wasteful..and do I really want them in my plastic recycle bin?? NOT, LOL!
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    Speedicath Compact

    it also comes in plus size which is 2cm longer. I found the compact one too short to empty the bladder.

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    What Caths do you girls normally use? Just curious b/c I'm not in love with the ones I use... I did order a sample pack of those also. just to try out. plus they looked easy to carry!
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    Back on a foley - hopefully temporarily but I would use the speedicaths otherwise - probably the larger ones.
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    I use the Cathlean kits from MTG
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