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Thread: Spinal Cord Injury Articles Posted by Manouli

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    People With Spinal Injuries Are Regaining Use of Their Limbs in an Amazing Way
    Inside UCLA’s Neuroplasticity and Repair Laboratory
    March 30, 2018 Nate Berg Top Doctors 1 Comment
    Brian Gomez has his fingers wrapped around a small bar attached to three short springs in a rectangular metal frame. It’s similar to the handlebar brake lever of a dirt bike, like the one Gomez was riding in 2011 that malfunctioned, causing a crash that left him paralyzed below the neck. He’s trying to close his hand, but the bar doesn’t budge. Then a switch is flipped, and tiny electrodes implanted on his spinal cord begin firing. “It’s like a fluid shock going through” his body, he says. Gomez straightens in his wheelchair. His forearm twitches, and his grip tightens. The metal bar moves.

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    'Doctors said we'd never walk again, but we will prove them wrong': Paralysed pair vow to defy odds with pioneering treatment
    Martin Hibbert, who lost the use of his legs in the Manchester Arena attack, and pal Steve Cook, who lost his through a bike accident, have declared war on their spinal injuries through a ground-breaking treatment in Queensland

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    Pitt engineer uses ultrasound technology to help people walk again
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    April 3, 2018
    Spinal cord injuries impact more than 17,000 Americans each year, and although those with incomplete injuries may regain control of their limbs, overall muscle strength and mobility is weakened. Neurorehabilitation using robotic exoskeletons or electrical stimulation devices can help a person regain movement through repeated exercise. The amount of assistance through these devices during neurorehabilitation is based on the measurement of the user's remaining muscle function.

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    Stem cell therapy trial helps those with restrictive injuries

    April 16, 2018 News
    In March, 21-year-old Kris Boesen was driving on a wet road in Maricopa, Calif., when his car suddenly fishtailed out of control into a tree and a telephone pole. As a result of the accident, Boesen broke his neck, was no longer able to walk and could only move his left arm up and down. Both of his hands were stuck in a clenched position.

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    Government of India seeks to define stem cells as drug, regulate use in therapy; scientists term move 'long overdue'
    India Rishiraj Bhagawati Apr 18, 2018 06:53:07 IST
    Tweet of India seeks to define stem cells as drug, regulate use in therapy; scientists term move 'long overdue' - of India seeks to define stem cells as drug, regulate use in therapy; scientists term move 'long overdue' -
    The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in a proposal to amend the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940, is pushing to bring stem cells and cell-based products under legal regulations: A move scientists have termed as long overdue.
    The ministry defined the category of stem cells and their derivatives that would be termed a drug, and would thereby have to follow the protocols mandated for any drug development, The Times of India reported. The notification, dated 4 April, said stem cells and products which are substantially altered, amounting to a change in biological characteristics, will be treated as a drug and will hence have to seek the regulator’s approval before coming to the market.

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