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Thread: Spinal Cord Injury Articles Posted by Manouli

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    Post Spinal Cord Injury Articles Posted by Manouli

    This is a area that Manoulli can post her stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by GL View Post
    This is a area that Manoulli can post her stuff

    Sincerely ;
    GL, this is great! Thank you very much! I am looking right now to get the article that says we got the cure for spinal cord injury.


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    Study indicates best method for transplanting neural stem into spinal cord injury sit

    Study indicates best method for transplanting neural stem into spinal cord injury site
    Wednesday - Jul 13, 2011, 04:05am (GMT+5.5)

    Washington - A study of optimal routes for transplanting neural stem/progenitor cells (NS/PCs) in animal models of spinal cord injury (SCI) has demonstrated that intralesional (IL) injection conferred benefits over intravenous injection (IV) and intrathecal (IT) injection.

    The study has been carried by team of Keio University (Japan) researchers.

    "Spinal cord injury usually results in severe, paralytic damage because the adult central nervous system has little potential for regeneration after injury," said corresponding author Dr. Masaya Nakamura of the Keio University School of Medicine's Department of Orthopedic Surgery.

    "With cell transplantation of neural stem/progenitor cells being a promising strategy, our study sought to determine the best method of application for optimal cell survival and subject safety,” added Nakamura.


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    Congratulations, Dee Manouli. You provide a valuable research and news service for CareCure.

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    Kessler is the First Rehabilitation Center in the Nation to Use New Robotic Gait Trai

    Kessler is the First Rehabilitation Center in the Nation to Use New Robotic Gait Training System

    WEST ORANGE, N.J., July 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Kessler Foundation ( and Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation ( are the first rehabilitation centers in the U.S. to implement the new LokomatPro V6, an advanced robotic training system designed to improve mobility in individuals with spinal cord injury, brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis or other neurological diseases. This new system, developed by Hocoma (, a Swiss-based manufacturer, offers appropriate patients an intensive program of activity-based therapy that has been shown to improve overall function, movement and walking.

    (Photo: )

    "Robotic therapy is a new frontier in the treatment of individuals with spinal cord injury, stroke and other conditions that result in motor deficits," explained Steven Kirshblum, M.D., Medical Director and Director of Spinal Cord Injury Services at Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation ( "The Lokomat is one device that is helping to take locomotor training to a new level. This new system will offer patients greater range of motion, variable speeds and augmented feedback, which allows users to visualize themselves walking in a variety of environments, all of which can contribute to greater functional gains. In addition, we will be studying its role in helping to prevent secondary complications of paralysis by improving strength, mobility, respiratory and bladder function, circulation and bone density."


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    13 July 2011 Last updated at 13:02 ET

    Spinal cord repair restores independent breathing
    By James Gallagher Health reporter, BBC News

    The ability to breathe has been restored to mice with spinal cord injuries, in what US researchers describe as a medical first.

    Some patients with damaged spinal cords need ventilators as they are unable to breathe on their own.

    A report in the journal Nature showed a nerve graft, coupled with a protein, could restore breathing.

    Human trials could begin soon, which the charity Spinal Research said could be "potentially life-changing".

    Damage at the top of the spinal cord, around the neck, can interrupt messages to the diaphragm - a layer of muscle involved in breathing.



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