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Thread: Back Upholstery makes a lot of noise

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    Unhappy Back Upholstery makes a lot of noise

    I have a new TiLite ZR (getting close to 2 months old) and the back is making all sorts of noise when I move around. I think that I have isolated it to where the sheaths fit over the canes and they rub when I move around. BTW, it is a tension adjustable by straps back. I figured that things had loosened up a bit so I did a bit of tightening. It helped a little but the noise is still there.

    Has anyone had a similar problem? Any solution? Anything you put on the canes to decrease the friction? It is really annoying especially after you put a kid to sleep and then make a lot of noise leaving the room. Also, when your wife is asleep and you are trying not to wake her when you get into bed.


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    I think there has been some mention on here about them getting cracks around the folding mechanize. Might check there.
    If its the fabric squeaking try a little silicone spray. Careful where you spray it so you don't shoot out of the chair.

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    Mine squeaks too since day one. Its a year old now, i hate it. I tighten the unpholstery etc. Nothing works.
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    I got the noise to stop!!!!!!!!!

    I was going to throw the kitchen sink at it but the surprising low-tech solution has worked. I was nervous to soak the backrest with silicone spray so I bought some felt with an adhesive backing at Home Depot. It is green felt with a peel off backing.

    I put a one inch wide piece around the backrest post right where the end of the upholstery comes down. The area that was rubbing on the post now has a cushion. It stopped the awful noise right away.

    Unfortunately, the noise then started coming from the very top of the backrest posts. I put a piece of felt on the top of the post and then some more around the post at the very very top. With the felt in two places, there is complete quiet. Ah, bliss.

    I was afraid that the backrest upholstery might slide up but those fears were unfounded. The back has stayed put better than it did before and there is no sound. I don't bother everyone in my office, I don't wake the kids, I don't disturb my wife, and it is not driving me crazy!!!!

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