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Thread: My Dr. suggest an Intrathecal Pump?

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    My Dr. suggest an Intrathecal Pump?

    I have a pain in my rectum that has been getting worse since my injury last year. 2 weeks ago the pain got so bad (10/10) that I went to the ER 3 times until they finally admitted me. I just got home from the hospital. I was at Johns Hopkins and they did a whole buch of test, and found nothing wrong. I was hoping it was GI related but my SCI doc finally chimed in and confirmed my worst fear, central pain, and suggested a pain pump. I have been getting by with 600mg of neurontin for the past year and today I threw up from morphine and am still in as much pain as when I went into the Hospital. All I can do is lay down and try to watch tv, I can't even take my mind off of the pain.The past two weeks have been the worst in my my 31 years. Harder to deal with this than when I had my spinal cord tumor diagnosis and surgery last year.

    So, what should I know about these intrathecal pumps? I still need to see the team at Hopkins who deals with these things. I have found that the morphine they gace me through IV at the hospital worked much better than the oral, obviously. Even still it only makes the pain bareable. Has anyone really seen a great improvement in quality of life with the pump? Is the procedure to put it in a majot surgery?
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    Pain Pump

    I just replied to another one of your postings, but you mentioned the intrathecal pump, and I am thinking of trialing one in the coming weeks. I just finished with a Spinal Stimulator trial, but it didn’t help with the pain enough to have it installed permanently.

    Did you ever try the intrathecal pump, and if so, did it relieve your pain?

    Before I trial the pump, I am going to first try Pulsed Radiofrequency Lesioning. I don’t know a ton about this procedure, but my pain Doc thinks it’s the next best choice. The doctor will inject a needle into the ganglion impar nerve cluster, and will send electric current through it, that basically short-circuits the nerves from sending pain signals from anywhere from 6 months to two years… that is, if it works.

    Here is a link to an article and news clip:

    Good luck with decreasing your pain…

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    I don't think I can tolerate the ride to Hopkins from my house. It's 35+ minutes, an I haven't been able to travel that long since about 2000. My limit's been about 20.

    Seawalker, Dr. Jallo still tells me there's no cord tethering, so he has no explanation for my deteriorating.

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