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Thread: The Death of the Password

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    The Death of the Password

    Are passwords passé? It’s starting to seem like it. Everybody hates them, and nobody can remember all the ones they’ve created.


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    Hi "JimmyMack,"
    Interesting article and I like the notion of "fastwords." I never thought of the fingerprint reader as "creepy," but I see great possibilities in the retina scanner. Shades of "Minority Report."

    All the best,

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    Most people who change there passwords often write them down on a sticky note and attach them to the desk drawer, calendar or somewhere really close by.

    This defeats the whole purpose of having a password if you're writing them down and storing them nearby. However a couple years ago I gave up on trying to remember them.

    Had several "categories" from the simplest four letters to the most complex letters and numbers and special characters. Now there are 51 entries in my Excel spreadsheet named "PWD" .

    So I password protect the PWD file and I think that's the best I can do.

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