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    I didn't know superglue could burn your skin. Yesterday, I spilled some superglue on my legs and when I got in bed and took my clothes off I noticed that I had 4 small burns, it looks like they blistered first. Its a good thing I have vetericyn and the burns are already starting to look better.

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    Superglue is cyano acrylate. The heat produced in its chemical bonding reaction is usually neglible since it involves only a drop or two at a time. Most people don't really notice it unless it is on sensitive areas or if you like so many on CC, skin issues.

    I occasionally stop by a nail shop to get a repair if one of my natural nails breaks or tears. When they glue on a tip you sure can feel the heat if it is too close to the skin. I cannot imagine spilling a whole lot on the skin. Not only do you have the irritating skin pulling of the hardened superglue to deal with, but the residual burns.

    Did you peel the superglue off and maybe pull the skin with it? How did you get it off, or did you?
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    next time, just use acetone to get the super glue off. it has a "cooling" effect and also dissolves the super glue fast and easy
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    There are cyanoacrylate surgical glues that are used to seal wounds. I wonder why burning isn't an issue. They use it a lot to close laparoscospic surgery wounds and tissue tears.
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    Any chance it was an allergic reaction instead of a burn?

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