I am about to be changed over from 2700mg of Gabapentin a day to another drug called Cymbalta. (can't remember the pharmaceutical name), it's an anti-depressant.
Like so many other similar drugs that are prescribed for 'neuropathic pain', (this one says it's good for diabetic neuropathy) it's debatable if they are any good for central pain. My pain is central and has been getting worse lately, just reaching the unbearable category these days.
I have seen a new doctor, a chronic pain specialist, he is going to monitor me in hospital for 7 to 10 days during the first stage of the changeover, but I am nervous about it nevertheless.
I would really appreciate some feedback from Dr Wise, the nurses, anyone experienced in this matter.
I am also on Baclofen, Nifedipine, Esomeprazole and Meloxicam.