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    PT help

    Can somebody please help me. I am looking for a physical therapist for my dad, who can go to his house for physical therapy. He has a C4-C5 SCI, for the past four years. He has limited function in arms and legs, but npt enough ot be able to sit or stand independantly. He has no hand function at all. About two years ago, he made many gains during his therapy and had started to take a couple of steps with a walker, but the he had pneumonia and went all the way backwards. He is 68 years old. He doesn't want to travel or get out of the house, so I was thinking if we can find a Physical Therapist or personal trainer for home, he might be able to gain some of it back. He lives in Somerset. If anyone knows of such a professional, please let me know. It will be self pay. Thanks so much and God bless!

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    I don't know the best way to find a PT in your area, and I don't know what state you live in... but if you go to they have "Find a PT'
    You can put in your zip code, and see a list of PTs. People with the title "NCS" mean "neurological clinical specialist" and contacting those local neuro PTs would be a good place to start.
    Good luck!
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    scifitness- I am recovering very well but have some lagging deficiencies. I was hoping to get your input.

    Issue one are my toes on my good side. They scrunch up. It makes it hard to stand on my toes. On my left foot, I can barely move my toes and I have very slight plantar flex and barely noticable dorsi flex. However my right leg is almost perfect except for the toes which really are a problem. My foot tends to slide toward the instep and I push against the inside of my shoe. I was wondering if some type of stretching my help this. My PT when I was at therapy didn't really offer any suggestion but we were more interested in other things at that time.

    Issue two is my left side. It seems that my abductors and outside stabilizers on my glutes are there but they are very weak. I try and try to work them but only know of a couple of exerises. I use an abductor machine at the gym and I walk sideways using a theraband as resistance. Can you think of any other ways to strengthen those muscles?

    I don't try to walk unassisted too much because I don't really think I am ready, but what is holding me back are those stabilizers. They affect my balance which affects my gait etc. I get around mostly with forearm crutches and am quite content to bide my time, but would like to focus on those muscles more during my work outs. Thanks

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    Yea, I have the same issues with the toes on my weak leg being bent every which way by the socks and shoes that cover them. How is your sensation? Fortunately, I can tell immediately when something is twisted or pressured and just take off the shoe and fix it up. I'll admit that I am concerned that one of these days I'll dislocate or break something just because there is so little structural support keeping them in place.

    One thing that worked for me on longer hikes was bandaids wrapped around each toe. It takes some figuring out, but with the right size bandaids you can set it up so that it acts almost as flexible splint that keeps your toes from getting thrown around in your shoe. I suppose athletic tape would work as well - be careful not to put it on too tight.

    Hope that helps.
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    Toes are the bugger. I have little sensation in them. Only one moves. In the morning they are pointed into ballet toes although a career with the NY ballet is unlikely. At the end of one particular day I found blisters on my toes. Discovered that each shoe had had a balled up sock in the toe. Didn't even feel it. Since then, I'm ultra vigilent with my feet. Would love to have my toes back.

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    I have a weird sensation on the bottom of my feet, but pretty normal on the top. I can feel my toes mostly. My left (bad side) toes will bend if I am not careful. My right just scrunch like they are trying to grab the ground. I have ignored this up until now because quite frankly getting back in the verticle position and building my big muscles back up has been my priority and there aren't enough hours in the day to do EVERYTHING, so I have to pick and choose my battles and tackle the big challenges first. I am starting to be able to shift my focus a little and spend some time on these other issues. Thanks for your input. Judging by y'alls descriptions of your symptoms, we must all 3 be injured in similiar ways.

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    Toes are tough... and your concerns are valid. They could injure easily because there is little support. Band-aids are an interesting solution that I hadn't thought of - and are much simpler than the inserts I was going to suggest. Do you stretch the toes before applying the band-ands?

    There are orthotics that can help keep the toes straight. But it can be tough to find the one that works for you depending on how strong that flexion and making sure they don't cause blisters...

    Isolating the abductors - lay on your back, and do "snow angels", lay on your side and lift your straight leg up with a slightly posterior angle (this gets the gluteus medious, and it's easy to cheat with hip flexors if you don't lift up AND back) then in a crawling position, lift your leg out to the side (like a dog at a tree?)
    Try 2-3 sets of 10, and increase to 15 when you can. Good luck!
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    Thanks. As always your input is appreciated.

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    Oops, re-reding everything tells me that the band aids might not solve the problem. My toes are super relaxed all the time, rather than scrunched up and tense. I occasionally put bandaids on just to keep them properly oriented during strenuous hiking because they get bent in random directions. .

    As for Mflounlacker's issue (I had originally thought he was talking about his weak and relaxed bad leg), his tight toes might be too rigid for bandaids to compensate against. But then again, maybe with enough stretching the tightness would relax enough for the bandaids to be of some use. At least it's pretty cheap to try it out.
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