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Thread: questions about TiLite wheelchair from quad..

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    Quote Originally Posted by totoL1 View Post
    IMO the cushion is long for you, is the problem that your legs can`t go a behind for have your feet ok in the footplate, and your footplate need to be higher.

    Again, the cushion and the footrest height is part of your problem.
    The seat cushion is "cliffing" slightly over the upholstery!

    Thanks for your suggestions! I need to alter my cushion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wtf View Post
    How tall are you? maybe you need a smaller chair. I agree with the others your cushion is too long.
    I'm 5'1". A smaller chair? To be honest, because of my most recent nightmare with a new chair that had new measurements, I'm afraid of making anything other than minor adjustments. ^^

    You and the others are right about the cushion size...thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by underthesun View Post
    Brianm, you seem to have good posture in your chair. Do you mind my asking what the angle of your backrest is?
    8 degees back from straight. 98 degrees.
    C5-6 Complete - 8/13/1982

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianm View Post
    8 degees back from straight. 98 degrees.

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