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Thread: HAVE spina bifida and pain med issues. please help

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    HAVE spina bifida and pain med issues. please help

    I understand Med. marijuana helps chronic and nerve pain. Does anyone have any experience with it helping the general daily (but not neccesarily chronic) aches and pains as well as surgical pain?


    ***I'm specifically asking about this particular drug in relation to pain and if anybody with SB or anyone with pain from surgery or other general aches and pains (daily, but not quite considered chronic) uses it/has used it and did it work and is it worth persuing?

    I want to know if anyone's tried it for pain relief who lives in a state where it's legal and truly takes it for pain purposes only. Not just because they like Pot (but hey if that's your thing no judgement here...more power to you man). ****

    the only pain medication that seems to work for me for severe pain is Hydrocodone.

    I'm trying to find an alternative because:

    A. opiods are really not good for your body chemistry, but I don't have a very high pain tolerance.

    B. Getting off of them is a bit of a pain in the proverbial backside and

    C. doc's really hate prescribing it due to the abundance of addiction in my country (USA).
    (this is a big reason, i'm sick of "begging" for this medication, it's not my fault that the narcotic that works for me is an epedemic addiction in my country (USA).

    I would love to just say "hey it works, therefore my pain management plan "ain't broke" so I "shouldn't fix it" but especially for the last reason in my list. I really would like to do something else. I am not looking for ideas on other meds to try or other ideas(thanks anyways though) .

    In my reading Marijuana seems to be less addictive and dispruptive to the body and waaaaaaaaaay easier to get off of when you no longer need pain management.
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    I live in a medical marajuana state and use it for nerve pain and appetite. It works great for both. It helps some for my regular pain but I still take oxycodone with it. I am able to take less oxycodone when I use both together. The best way to find out if it works for you would be to try some and find out. It can't hurt you, at the worst you may feel bad for a couple hours or take a long nap.
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