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Thread: OEG transplant performed in humans, Lisbon, Portugal

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    Wise, I apologize for the sour tone of my last post. All I'm saying is that I won't know if I don't try. If I receive no benefit, I will keep fighting. Unfortunately, I fear my "fighting" will be overseas - even though I will do my best to advocate for trials here.

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    I am quite curious to learn the results of the animal trials which are being carried out in Dr. Peduzzi's laboratory at UAB, using Dr. Lima's procedure. The surgery was performed on the animals at the time that he came to the United States to present there. I am also quite confident that the surgeons at UAB were given a description of the procedure in detail.

    Where can I find animal data for the animal trials performed in paraplegic adult rats?

    Eric Texley

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    "the opening will come from country of which one does not suspect their projection, countries the least rich" said Dr. Ohana; Neurosurgeon, Doctor head of the center of readjustment of Mulhouse, ex-Doctor head of the Propara center in Montpellier, taking part in the tests of Dr. Lima in Lisbon. Secret Médical obliges, for the moment I know just that there were conclusive tests on the man, and that it reigns there a large activity... I will say some to you as soon as possible...

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    You can easily access UAB's spinal cord web page from google. You can get on their email list and they will send out monthly news letters. However, I have yet to read anything about their OEG animal studies. They did have a small insert about Dr. Lima's visit awhile back.

    King Tut

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    Even if you or anybody has a transected spinal cord, there is no evidence that says that a transected spinal cord has less of a chance of regeneration than a contused spinal cord. In fact, most of the animal studies showing regeneration have been with cut spinal cords, to date.

    I know that a lot of people are considering one or the other OEG trials. People should go into these trials with open eyes and a clear understanding that the evidence that these treatments will restore function is very limited both in animals and in humans.


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    CJO From reading the article it seems like the first patients were operated on two years ago. We will have to ask Dr. Young but it would seem Dr. Lima would report soon, especially I would think if it is positive. If we are two years out it might not hurt to wait another month or two. I don't want to sound totally cynical and maybe Dr. is not at all financially motivated but if the procedure is not producing positive results the only way he can be assured of a constant flow of patients is not to report.

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    Can someone more or less give me an idea as to when we might be looking at some results and seeing if humans can start becoming candidates? I know there's risks involved (in everything actually), but what's it look like from Dr.Lima's point of view? A few more years or what? I'm kinda in the dark here since zI've only been in my chair since Aug of 2000. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks everyone. Jimmie

    Jimmie W. Hernandez

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    jimmie - not sure if/when Dr Lima has been published but you can check out Superstars results under
    and watch the videos of her progress too (links in her topic).
    There have been others for this site who have also had the procedure too.
    I believe the "cure" is getting closer.

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    Does anyone have any idea if the preliminary results of Lima's procedure have been published?

    If so, please point me to them.

    If not, doeas anyone have any idea when they might be?


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