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Thread: Advice needed for stroke victim in NC

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    Advice needed for stroke victim in NC

    My partner's Mother is due to be release from rehab after a stroke. We need help locating resources in the Jacksonville, NC area. We are looking at home care or long term facilities. Any info from those in NC will be greatly appreciated.

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    Is she in an acute rehabilitation center, or a LTC or "sub-acute" program? The case manager or social worker at her rehab program should be lining her up with the resources she needs in her area, and meeting with her and her family about this with the rest of her team for discharge planning. Insist upon such a meeting.

    If she is on Medicare, she may be eligible for some limited home care, but not much, esp. if not considered home bound. Is she also eligible for Medicaid? This may help to get some eligiblity for in-home PCA type care. Many people with stroke need assistance with supervision due to safety and judgement issues (much more likely than with SCI), and it may be difficult to get enough of this unless she is able to live with family members.


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    I used to work at a place called resources for seniors in Raleigh. They offer so much at no cost including answers to your questions. This could seriously help you out. Just call the main line. Here is the contact info

    They have asn abundance of info for people.

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