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Thread: Hoyer Lift for Traveling

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    Question Hoyer Lift for Traveling

    Would anyone be able to help me find a company that would be able to supply a hoyer lift for short term stay at a hotel at the New Jersey shore?

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    If you are not picky about the model or company that makes the lift (Hoyer is of course a of many that makes lifts), it is very common to be able to rent a mobile floor lift (usually either an older Hoyer or an Invacare brand) from most local DME rental companies. You can Google "medical equipment rentals" for the city closest to you. You can usually pick up, or have them deliver for a fee.

    These are not going to be "travel lifts" (which fold up very compactly) such as the Molift Smart or the Hoyer Advance, but they will work for most people's needs.


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    Hoyer Lift for Traveling

    The best one I've found is the Molift Smart 150. If you scroll down on the following site you'll see the lift folded.

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    make sure that the hotel you're staying in has beds with room underneath them to roll the lift under. Many hotels have gone to a completely wooden box bed-frame and it does not allow the lift to roll underneath. When I make a reservation I call the hotel direct, and do not go through their central 800-number. Sometimes the hotel has to get their engineering department involved or the maid service to find out what the bed structure is like.

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    Jc, I have a friend from NJ who has offered to let you borrow his lift if you pick it up.
    Email me-

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