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Thread: 6 weeks into supra pubic and huge issue!

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    6 weeks into supra pubic and huge issue!

    They changed the tube for the first time and it's all screwed up now! I had a huge accident after she put it in and three was no pee in the bag. Figured my bladder was pissed off and spasmed. Home now and it's not draining. Can I cath with a sp?

    I'm scared

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    yea u can cath, its safe. I got mine about 6 weeks ago too and I had a similar issue where when my tube got clogged w/ sediment and I had to have it changed it didnt want to go back in. Had to go to the ER, and the nurse couldnt even put it back in, so they had to call the doc - he did some figgiting and put it in.
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    Hopefully you are not ADing yet. The SP are way to big to be cathing with. SP are 24 Fr. I may be wrong though never had used a SP size to cath with. I try and keep few Intermittent Cath kits incase my SP plugs off and not draining so I can cath through my urethra. Also keep a few foley caths usually (10-14 Fr.) around incase I have to use them when SP is really gunked up. Sorry I don't have any ideas....

    Hopefully GJNL will see this quick he is a stud with staying on top of bladder management threads!
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    Hi, Did they show you how to flush the SP tube? When I first got mine, a size 12FR, it got clogged from time to time and my husband had to flush it. Also, you might try gently moving the tube at the stoma sight. Sometimes the ballon gets pushed up against the bladder wall and this helps. Hope you get things flowing!! I'm C6, 3 1/2 yrs. post with SP tube for a little over 3 and it gives me so much independence. Feel free to PM me.

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    It's like they put it in wrong maybe? It's not clogged

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    are you having AD?

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    Nope. I'm having accidents

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    Did you try flushing the SP tube?

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    Yes, you can do intermittent catheterization while you are wearing a supra public catheter (SPC), and it may become quite necessary if the SPC isn't draining and you are experiencing autonomia or leaking through the urethra.
    I have had a SPC for just over a year. I had an incident where the flutter valve in the leg bag was stuck together and the urine wouldn't drain into the bag. If there is urine in the SPC and the connector tube, squeezing the connector tube a few times may help the urine pass through and unstick a sticky leg bag valve. I have also had a couple of times when the urine didn't begin to flow immediately after I changed the SPC. In those cases, it took the urine in my bladder a few minutes to water down the lubricant enough to allow urine to enter the eyes of the catheter. Of course, you may have a problem with sediment in your urine that is clogging the SPC. You may want to consult your urologist on the method for flushing the SPC using a syringe (like the one used to inflate a foley catheter balloon) and either sterile water or Microcyn or Vetericyn. In fact now that you have the SPC you may begin to notice the urine is becoming foul smelling and quite cloudy. While you probably don't have the medical definition of a urinary tract infection, you probably have a bladder that is colonized with bacteria. Instilling Microcyn or Vetericyn on a regular basis is a common practice among members here. There are a number of threads on this website for your to consult about using these products.

    All the best,

    Thanks "zwthomp".
    "ECUrach85," replacing a SPC is pretty straight forward. There really isn't a whole lot to do wrong. In fact, you may or your caregiver may learn to replace it. NL has replaced my SPC every time since the SPC was replaced at the urologist's office the first time. If urine isn't coming out of tube, something has got to be blocking the eyes of the catheter tube. Are you taking any anticholinergic medications (Oxybutynin for instance) to decrease the bladder spams?
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    Are the accidents occurring at the tube site? I've had mine for nearly 4 years, and only once did I have that issue-it had something to do with the way the balloon was inflated and laying against my bladder wall. A cath change fixed everything. Is there anyone at your home who can do the change, instead of a nurse?

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