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Thread: NOT GUILTY for Casey Anthony

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    She will be out on time served. And she will be able to make herself alot of money.

    I wonder how this case would have ended if the media had not gotten involved???

    You know that 13 children die at the hands of their parents each day in the one has to wonder just how this would have panned out if the media had not picked it up.

    I have to think she would have been found guilty had the 24/7 over-analysis not been alowed to get in the way of common sense.

    wow...this is my first taste of being an American who has been let down by the US justice system

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    Wonder who was the father of little Caylee? She never revealed that - even to her parents or am I mistaken?
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    I have spent a good bit of time in court and have sometimes left scratching my head in disbelief of things I saw. I just saw snippets of this trial, and have two conclusions related to the outcome.

    First, at times the prosecutor got melodramatic, and sometimes exaggerated the worth of obviously limited evidence(?). There comes a point at which such antics destroy credibility in the eyes of people with common sense. I think he created doubts about the veracity of his case.

    Second, I think the speculative nature of the motive he presented plus the tactic of demonizing Casey were major flaws. Had he presented a scenaroio in which she was a struggling, frustrated, and angry single mom who briefly snapped and put duct tape over a crying or nagging two-year old's mouth would have been much more believable. Regrettably, we have had similar tragedies around here. However, those are not death penalty cases.

    On the other hand, the accidental drowning story seems to lack merit. I cannot imagine anyone not calling 911 when finding their baby in a pool. Moreover, the events leading to the disposal of the body are hard to accept. In the end, the evidence presented did not prove her to be guilty, but she may be.
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    The prosecutor should not have laughed at Jose Baez. I don't think the jury did its job. This is very sad for the grandparents of little Caylee Anthony.
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    There is a special place in HELL for people who kill and abuse children especially there own. She will find the seat with her name on it one day.

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    All I know is that anyone who doesn't report her TWO YEAR OLD missing for 31 days is guilty of something truly horrible. That just defies any reasonable explanation whatsoever.

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    I am sad for a little girl who will probably never get justice. Caylee Anthony.

    Her mother will probably get her own reality show now. " Livin' it up with Casey."

    I think that she will be the subject of vitriol and hate wherever she goes. I would not want to be her and try to find a place to live where people were hating on me all of the time.

    I do not feel sorry for her at all, just saying I would not want to be her and have to deal with people all around who felt I was guilty. It will only be a small part of what she deserves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zillazangel View Post
    All I know is that anyone who doesn't report her TWO YEAR OLD missing for 31 days is guilty of something truly horrible. That just defies any reasonable explanation whatsoever.
    right plus the partying, making up a kidnapping story etc. she was involved. i didnt buy the "oh the duct tape got her mouth area due to decomp!" wtf? why was there duct tape in the first place?

    and making up a story about the father molesting her so that's why she hid the body. law and order svu doesnt have crazy scenarios like that. plus the weird thing with the defense lawyers.

    i agree with ltf, neither side made great arguments or proved their cases.
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    yup, F'd up system we have...poor little girl! didn't deserve any of it..and I say she was GUILTY!!!!!!! no question
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    she was such an adorable looking child and clearly so loved by everyone! didnt deserve such a death but if casey couldnt handle her, then give her to the grandparants
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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