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    Return to work

    My resume has been getting a lot of hits from recruiters. However, how do you let them know upon arriving for an interview that you need accessible entrances etc..Im just kinda embarrassed/reluctant to say I need accessible entrance or anything special cuz of situation..

    Please share your stories as you meet people for lunch and interviews for the first time how did you break that huge ice cube????

    Appreciate the small gains and the large ones will be ignored!!

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    For me I always had phone interviews first. Once it went to scheduling a face to face interview, that is when I stated something to the fact of: "just wondering if the place we are meeting is accessible. I use a wheelchair for my mobility." The reason why I did not say anything sooner is because they are interviewing me for my qualifications...not for how I get from point A to point B. Most people I interviewed with was cool and either stated it was accessible or made other arrangements. There are rare occasions where the position was somewhere which was not accessible, and in those cases, it was good I said something!
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    Fighting this crippling war on unemployment


    That’s good your résumé is getting attention. When I started to look for employment the ADA was just signed and had not officially been law.

    The most important thing to keep in mind when being interviewed and meeting people in a new place of employment is to convey confidence. Confidence in your ability to do the job. Most importantly confidence in yourself. I hope you are comfortable in your own skin by now.

    Bring with you a portfolio with a paper pad inside of it and several pencils and pens. Everyone you meet write down their name and job title.

    The ADA is over twenty years old now and places of employment should, let me stress should be accessible. I would contact the Pennsylvania Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, BVR, and open a case with them for the simple fact BVR will pick all the expenses if your “space” of work needs to be modified. That can be from a simple ramp at the front door, power doors, to power work stations, computer equipment, vehicle modifications and any modifications to the rest rooms or the facility. Usually by now many employers comply with the ADA.

    Sometime employers don’t know what your needs are. BVR will also know if there are employment incentives for hiring people with disabilities. When I seeking employment the State of Ohio had pass an incentive of if an employer hired a person with a disability that State of Ohio would reimburse 80% of my annual salary to them but they must keep me employed for a year. Every state is different.

    Be aware of illegal questions employers may ask like, “Why are you in a wheelchair?” “How do you go to the restroom?” If you are asked an illegal question simply reply, “That is an illegal question to ask me.” Be firm about it. Believe me it happened to me. All the questions an employer asks you should be job related. Now they can ask you questions regards to work place modifications which is a legal question to ask. Illegal questions would refer to your disability and or injury.

    The very last question to ask the person interviewing you is, “Do you know of any company or organization that is seeking a (job position)? You never know that he may have been out golfing with his corporate buddies over the weekend and one of his buddies is looking for someone with your experience. He may say, “Matter of fact I was out golfing last weekend with my friends and Joe Smith of Smith & Smith is looking for a (job position).” Give Joe Smith a call at (123) 555-5555 and tell Joe that (person interviewing you) of ABC Company indicated to you to give him a call about (job position). That’s a very powerful tool in your hands. It’s called networking.

    When you return home write the person who interviewed you a thank you letter.

    The list of names you complied while meeting everybody. Write each one a simple note, “Nice meeting you today and taking time to talk with me about your experiences working for (Name of employer). This is how you infiltrate a company.

    On August 1, write everybody again on that list expressing interest in working for them. Thank them for taking time to read your note. Make a point how your talents would benefit the organization. Also include another copy of your résumé. BVR should pick up the cost of the postage too!

    It’s what you can do that’s counts!

    You are a soldier fighting this crippling war on unemployment.

    Go out there and show them what you got!

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    Thanks for response it is OVR in State of PA I am working with them..Been in professional environment AB before injury. So I know my role with Interviewing and follow-up. Just gotta work on confidence the mental part. Thanks again this has helped me a ton
    Appreciate the small gains and the large ones will be ignored!!

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