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Thread: Do You?

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    I was thinking this same thing. Also, if they are men, it could just be they have jealous girlfriends/wives that would take exception to seeing teenage girls on their facebook. (lucky devils)

    Yes, I suppose. I got an email from OT today regarding a cushion (insurance won't pay for THAT one- jerks. Good thing I got a job today). Anyways, I think he's not going to accept it, but it is what it is and I'm trying not to take it personally. His email seemed "different", but I think I'm probably looking for something off. Yes, I have anxiety issues in case anyone was wondering

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    OT did end up accepting my friend request late this week so, I am assuming that he was waiting until I was transferred from his care... Hopefully this way I won't lose touch with him!

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    So glad to hear! Thanks for the update.

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