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Thread: Atari missile command! haha just like the old days

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    Atari missile command! haha just like the old days

    Been playing all morning. I'm still hooked 30 years later.
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    An oldie but goodie. Wasted a lot of quarters on that game.
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    Oh SNAP! That takes me back.

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    Does space invaders still live on ?

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    I've got a CD with Missile Command and some other gems - like Tank.
    I just played through Quake 1 again - can't stop once I start.
    And I can still piss away hours on tetris if given a chance.

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    pitfall was my favorite but i think decathlon was played the most my brothers and me broke about five controllers and always got blisters playing that game.
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    Adventure with the keys, castles and dragons

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