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Thread: Grilled Lobster with Seafood Stuffing

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    Gino, I'd crawl a mile for one bit of that!!! EXCELLENT!!! Good choice of beer too!!
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    Yum Yum

    can smell it already

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    Quote Originally Posted by Van Quad View Post
    I'm a long way from my Atlantic Canada lobster! You're killing me as well! Love the stuffing idea.

    Lobster was considered food for the poor in the 19th century in the Maritimes, fit for the Acadian families with their dozen kids. How times have changed
    LOL -

    one of my neighbors used to work for a seafood distributor in Bradley Beach - jersey Shore.
    I used to find gifts of lobster claws on my patio all the time. Tails were the money makers.

    Of course he don't do that any more - and my mouth is watering like everyone elses.

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    • Dirt-cheap because they were so copious, lobsters were routinely fed to prisoners, apprentices, slaves and children during the colonial era and beyond. In Massachusetts, some servants allegedly sought to avoid lobster-heavy diets by including stipulations in their contracts that they would only be served the shellfish twice a week.

    according to this article, lobster did not become popular until the 1880s. It's weird to think that people's tastes could change so much. I guess it's true that familiarity does breed contempt.
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