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Thread: stomach tighten bloating ad ???

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    stomach tighten bloating ad ???

    C6-7 injury

    So I've been having flat stools for a few months and a tougher bowel program. Doc finally referred me to GI doc June 1, which I've been waiting for my colonoscopy on July 18. Ridiculous. In early June they did an x-ray. I was constipated, so took milk of magnesia. Doc thought I probably got it.

    Past couple weeks I get stomach issues. loud gurgling, and my back and arms, hands tightening up. I think its my baclofen pump. Start on oral baclofen. up the pump.

    I put a foley cath in yesterday b/c what my body is doing now. hands tightening. trouble cathing.

    Did a bowel program today at 8am. So today about 11 am my body gets loose. I feel awesome. best i've felt in months until 6pm.. i'm super happy.

    then at 6pm i have 1 bite of noodles and start eating just broth. my stomach bloats up. back tightens clear up, and my nose stuffs clear up -ad reaction for me. i've had that for the last 4 hours, with periodic time where my nose then quickly unstuffs. its very uncomfortable.

    WHAT THE H IS GOING ON????? I feel awesome from 11am - 6pm, then get this reaction. its now 10pm and this isn't letting up. I'm not vomiting. not nauseous. my primary dr. said the x-ray indicated no blockage.

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    You may be having reaction for food sensitivity..I have had same issues..hell spasms and tightness and misery..I found out I was highly sensitive to cows milk, plums, green/blk tea and moderately sensitive-(which means don;t eat anymore) to wheat. If I eat the first group--I will have diahrea and horrible bloating..

    So..find out what is troubling you--either do the elimination routine..eliminate and see if you improve or have no symptoms..or take the Alcat test--which is a blood test and you will get a print out of exactly what your body finds distressing.

    I still sometimes get a few days of the stress..not as much and usually cause I accidently ate what I the gluten free cookies my daughter bought which actully had BUTTER! lol Stomach was a mess for days. Also Guar gum seems to mess me up--it is in non dairy ice cream etc.

    ALso take gas x every 4 hrs. per my doc when in pain.
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    An "irritation" can cause AD and some can increase spasticity.
    Do you do your bowel program every day? I would suggest this.
    Ulcer? irritation?

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    Thanks for suggestions!

    Had an ulcer when I was a kid. WOULD AN ULCER SHOW ON AN X-RAY?

    I do bowel program T,T,S,S But trying it S,S,M to see what happens. I don't go much, but been going. Ate beets last Friday at 2pm, and passed them Sat morning.

    I've thought this may be candida too. ??? I've got it on my tongue and have taken way to many antibiotics through the years.

    super tight still all morning. but no stuffy nose at 2 meals.

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    a food sensitivity is not same as food allergy and you will not have immediate stuffy nose..itis more chronic and intestinal..i.e bloating, diarrhea and for me tightness..

    try the gas ex and see if it helps the tighening..and drink lots of water..

    If you can figure it out..what causes the tightness/spasm..bouts..I would love the answer too! WHen I get them it is so hard to know why..and they tend to last 3-5 days..
    "The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves happy. The amount of work is the same.” ~Carlos Castaneda

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    Bloating and distention after eating were symptoms that my gallbladder was having problems. The AD could be from abdominal pain you can't feel. If you also have excessive belching and stool that is yellowish or clay colored, get your gallbladder checked.
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    Upper GI and Gall bladder x-rays and should be checked out. Gallstones are a common cause of AD

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