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Thread: Prialt for nerve pain

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    Question Prialt for nerve pain

    Anybody useing Prialt in bacofin pump. I have severe pain in my gut/pelvic and right hip WHEN I talk and really strong when I eat. I took all the baclofin pump and am taking it orally. The put in Prialt in and have upped it regularly 6m/day with still no relief from talking, eating
    Am going to Brighan & women hospital for a 2 visit. Anybody been there?

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    I tried it and had real bad experience with it. You can check out the threat here on it. It may my pain significantly worse and has caused major problems with my memory which I'm still suffering from. At the pain clinic I go to, everybody I've talked to who's tried it complained about the memory problems. I don't even think they provided their anymore. My opinion, get away from it. It's not a safe drug.
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