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Thread: Temp Ramp for House for Kasey?

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    Question Temp Ramp for House for Kasey?

    Hi - where can I start looking to get a temp ramp for my house? My niece Kasey Crute will be with us while her home is being re-modeled to accommodate her. She was recently injured in March. The front of home is 20 inches from the ground to the top of the front porch. Thanks for your help.

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    Any local construction contractor (or handyman carpenter) will be able to build you a ramp, if you can't do it yourself. It's pretty easy. Call around. Good luck.

    If your niece will be visiting with you often, you might want to leave it up.
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    I have always tried craigslist..and just foudn this link for Maryland for a ramp...hope it works out for you..if not search "ramp" under all for sale..and you may find others.
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    Hello Dave,
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    Portable wheelchair ramps come in several different lengths to span the distance you need. They are temporary for your current purpose. We bought 3 foot and 6 foot folding portable ramps when we began looking for a house 20 years ago. Most of the single story houses in our area are 2-3 steps up. We used the ramps to look at houses and have used them since singularly or in combination to get into friend's and neighbor's houses, my mother's and sisters' houses, offices etc. They are are a good long term investment and handy to have when accessibility is not optimal.

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    If you build a ramp out of plywood, tack down some asphalt shingles to provide traction - plywood can get very slippery when it's wet.

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    Although a portable ramp seems fairly expensive, it will be usable for her in multiple places for many years. If you build a ramp, it should work fine, but pretty much only for that location.

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    To some extent, it depends on how the ramp will be used. If she is going to be wheeling up and down by herself, you are going to need a ramp about 20 feet long. On the other hand, if someone reasonably fit is going to be pushing her, you can probably get by with a 6' or 8' portable ramp.
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