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Thread: Acorda Therapeutics Licenses Rights to Investigational Treatment for Spinal Cord Inju

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    Acorda Therapeutics Licenses Rights to Investigational Treatment for Spinal Cord Inju

    Acorda Therapeutics Licenses Rights to Investigational Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury
    $3 Million Upfront Payment to Medtronic for Worldwide Development and Commercialization Rights for Compound Poised for Phase 2 Clinical Development

    HAWTHORNE, N.Y., Jul 01, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

    Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: ACOR) today announced that it has licensed worldwide development and commercialization rights to a proprietary magnesium formulation from Medtronic, Inc. (NYSE: MDT), which will be referred to as AC105. Acorda plans to study AC105 as an acute treatment for patients who have suffered neurological trauma, such as a spinal cord injury (SCI) and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

    "Acorda has significant experience in the area of spinal cord injury and other neurological injury research. We are excited to leverage that expertise to continue the clinical development of AC105, potentially providing a new therapy to people who suffer debilitating central nervous system injuries," said Ron Cohen, M.D., Acorda's President and CEO. "The acquisition of AC105 is an important addition to our existing pipeline, providing a clinical stage compound to complement GGF2, which is in early Phase 1 clinical trials for the treatment of heart failure, as well as our preclinical programs in remyelination and spinal cord injury."

    Acorda made a $3 million upfront payment to Medtronic and will make up to $32 million in regulatory and development milestone payments. A single-digit sales royalty will also be paid by Acorda to Medtronic if AC105 is commercialized by Acorda. Acorda's development and commercialization rights are exclusive in all fields (including SCI, TBI and stroke) for certain formulations of the licensed compound. For other formulations, Acorda's rights are exclusive for indications of interest to Acorda, including SCI, TBI, stroke and all other traumatic and ischemic central nervous system indications, while Medtronic has non-exclusive (with Acorda) development rights in specific areas, including certain areas of pain and musculoskeletal indications.


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    this is for acutes, 4 hour acute injuries.............hope it helps.

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    Hopefully enough research is done to develop a protocol for SCI patients when they hit the emergency room doors with trauma, they won't have to go through the entire devastation of SCI that exists today!

    Acorda is exploring several therapeutic approaches that may help restore function or repair nerve connections in the central nervous system.
    Clinical Stage

    • Neuregulins – This program is applying Glial Growth Factor 2 (GGF2), a neuregulin growth factor, to stimulate repair in both the nervous and cardiac systems. In published studies in preclinical models, GGF2 has been shown to protect the brain from the consequences of stroke and to stimulate remyelination in models of MS. In addition, neuregulins have shown the ability to restore cardiac function and improve survival in preclinical models of heart failure caused by myocardial infarction, rapid pacing, and viral and chemically induced cardiomyopathies.

      Acorda has initiated a Phase 1 single-dose clinical trial of GGF2 in patients with heart failure. The Company is also continuing preclinical studies of potential neurology indications for GGF2 and other neuregulin growth factors.
    Preclinical Stage

    • Remyelinating antibodies – Studies have demonstrated the ability of this family of antibodies to stimulate remyelination in three different preclinical models of MS. Currently, there is no approved therapy that repairs the lost or damaged myelin in demyelinating diseases such as MS.
    • Chondroitinase – This program is based on breaking down inhibitory factors in the scar tissue that develops as a result of an injury to the CNS. Published research has demonstrated that this scar matrix is partly responsible for limiting the regeneration of nerve fibers in the CNS and restricting their ability to modify existing neural connections. Independent academic laboratories have also published preclinical studies showing that application of chondroitinase can result in recovery of function following injuries to various areas of the brain and spinal cord.

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    Medtronic sells formula for $35M
    Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal - by Ed Stych, Web Producer
    Date: Friday, July 1, 2011, 12:39pm CDT

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