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Thread: Protein Bars?

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    Protein Bars?

    Is there a particular protein bar that is high in protein, low in calories that can be used as a "protein boost" for someone with pressure sores?
    Something that has flavor and isn't like cardboard would be a plus.
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    I eat Cliff Builders Bars. They gave 20 g of organic protein and have 270 calories and do not tasted awful. You also may wanna consider drink boost or generic boost as a protein shake.

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    Hey Cheesecake -- there are a at least a half-dozen flavors of the Atkins Diet Advantage bars that have between 15g and 19g of protein per bar. Calories range from 180-240 per bar. Most have a pretty high fat content (up to 50 percent of the calories are from fat), which is why they taste fantastic. They're also very easy to find.
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    my mom and i love the blueberry protein bars by cliff

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    I feed chad myoplex bars.

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    My favorite protein bar is a grilled Johnsonville smoked brat on a whole wheat hotdog bun. About 285 calories and 10.5 gms. of protein. You can get Johnsonville smoked turkey sausages and bring it down to about 200 calories. Can't beat the taste. lol
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    Check out the Kind bars with protein. I am not sure of the protein content, but they are delicious! This is my favorite flavor, and it has 7 gms. of protein.
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    My question is specific to 2 stage 3/4 pressure sores. Not sure why this was moved to food from Care. My next question is how many grams of protein a day are needed to heal pressure sores? What lab should a doctor run to get a baseline of your protein level? How much over the normal daily amount of protein is needed to help healing?
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    shakes, not bars.

    these have 50g protein per serving.

    recipes (for other ideas):

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    Suggest you read this article regarding pressure sores. There are sections dealing with several aspects of nutrition, including protein.
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