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    para belly

    Any hints on getting rid of the para belly...I have lost quite a bit of weight but seems since there is no muscle there it just stays maybe little smaller but still there....

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    I never heard of anything. It is just a skin wall holding in your guts and bulges out when you sit. Of course, it gets bigger with layers of fat. Maybe someone here has tried to use electrical stimulation to develop abs.
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    e-stim will only help tone muscles which will help hold in your guts a bit more, but it won't help lose any extra fat.

    Like ol' 55 says, you'll never really get rid of it. You can only make it a little smaller.

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    its not extra skin it is just lack of muscle tone I think, when i stand up i'm skinny when I sit down I have my buldge

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    redroc - - I have the same issue (skinny when I stand up fat when i'm sitting in the chair). Let me know if you find any exercise equipment or workout regimine that helps.

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