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Thread: New Power Wheelchair

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    Question New Power Wheelchair

    Time to get a new Power Chair the Invacare Torque SP is done....Can't complain has held up through much over last 9 years...

    Looking at three chairs would love feedback on any/all...

    Does anyone feels a certain manufacturer needs repairs frequently...

    Will spend fair amount of time outside in city and rural areas..insight to this will be helpful too.

    Quantum 6000z

    Quantum R-4000

    Quickie P-222SE


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    I demoed A P-222SE, and was very impressed with how quickly I felt comfortable maneuvering it. The folks who worked with me on the demo say that it is a great outdoor chair, and OK inside. They were a little concerned because it is rear wheel drive, and that makes a bit less maneuverable indoors. My experience with most chairs is that once you get used to them, you don't even notice the things that seemed awkward at first. I've heard less bitching about the P-222SE than most PCs, and a few people here absolutely love them - check with cass.
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    I have the q6000z and I would kinda say I'm happy with it, most of my problems are with my DME.

    It's a fairly large chair and thats caused some problems with fitting in some vans. The only mechanical problems I have had was with the switch that prevents you from driving with the seat tilted back to far, it wouldn't let me drive even with the seat down. Turned out they just threw the control box in the big box on the back and didn't secure it, probably my DME's fault.

    Also I live in a rural area and they said it would be great for getting around outside, that turned out to be a lie. I have had the tires spin on flat carpet. Other than that its been ok.

    I don't think I will be a return costumer.
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    Quickie 646

    Check out the Quickie 646, it's a pretty bad ass chair. Has rock shocks that definitely make a difference on bumps. Goes pretty good outside too.

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