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Thread: Tilite zra help

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    Quote Originally Posted by chasmengr View Post
    Juan, your specs say your dump is 4-5" independent of your pics; Tooley's advice may still apply. The finger-tip-on-axle is pretty much the gold standard for efficient propulsion for long-term shoulder health (based on research - see page 8 of attachment).
    My fingertips are on my axle when seated. I wont deviate from that. checked my dump now on my current chair, and it's 5.6. It's a bit much. I'm thinking of getting a dump of 4 on the Ti and adjusting if needed.

    Please realize since rehab I've had no help from professionals. I'm trying to learn everything from scratch.

    What is the standard rear wheel size? 24 inch?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juan_77 View Post
    What is the standard rear wheel size? 24 inch?
    (I've been in a chair only 8 months.) From what I've read and noticed, 24" wheels are the standard, adult, everyday-wheelchair size. Sports-chair users often like larger wheels (25-26") for use on smooth flat surfaces (e.g., basketball courts). The larger wheels can be hard to get rolling from a dead stop, but they are really fast once you're moving. Exerienced everyday users sometimes like larger wheels. Small-framed people (e.g., children) often use 20" or 22" wheels.

    Be aware the Inch sizing of bicycle/wheelchair wheels is nonstandard. The worldwide standard for measuring these wheels is set by ETRTO. So you will see other nomenclature used: 540=24", 559=25", 590=26". These #s are in mm of rim diameter. You will also see tire nomenclature like 25-540, which is equivalent to a 24x1 tire (25mm=~1"). The most common discrepancy in Inch sizing of which I'm aware is that a 25" wheelchair wheel (559) is considered a 26" mountain-bike tire.

    Example:Attachment 40974
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juan_77 View Post
    Now I have an important question. will your cushion change the specs once its on the chair? for example: If my legs (from back of knees to feet) is 16, they will build it with those specs. That's 16 from front seat height to footrest, but once I add my cushion It will be increased by about 1.5. So should I take the cushion into account and make it 17.5, or do they take that into account when they build the chair?

    I hope you all can follow that. I tried to make it simple
    Here is what a TiLite order form says: "SEAT TO FOOTREST/FOOTRESTS - Measure from front edge of seat sling to top rear of footrest."

    I highly recommend printing the order form for a ZRA and studying it indepth. From your numbers above, I would think the seat to footrest measurement would be 14.5". Anyone can feel free to correct me.
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    Thanks so much. I'm going through the order form and I'm going to email the sales consultant for some advice
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