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Thread: anyone need a free wheelchair?

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    anyone need a free wheelchair?

    I currently have a Quickie chair that is in the shop getting repaired, but i may end up getting a new chair sometime in July.

    While mine is getting fixed, i'm using my old wheelchair which is an Action Pro-T. If i get a new chair, i'll put my Quickie away in storage as my backup chair and thus i won't need the Action Pro-T. I'm willing to just give it away if someone can use it, but obviously they'd have to live close enough to pick it up and i'm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    It's in good shape with nothing wrong with it except some fairly bald tires and scratches. I don't have any pictures of it, but it looks similar to this one i found online, except mine is green.

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    I'm in seattle, road trip??? Hmmm, Naw just kiddin, but could use a chair.

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    Well fishing guy, i have no idea how much it would cost to ship it that far, but if it wasn't to pricey for you, i'd do the legwork to send it.

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    I shipped a chair to Seattle (or Portland, I forget) from Minneapolis last year by way of Greyhound. Less than $100 if I remember correctly. Just need to have it boxed before bringing it to Greyhound. Local UPS store has boxes that would work.
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    Got my new chair if anyone wants the Action Pro-T for free, this is it

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    if the seat width is around 17 inches +/- an inch., I could really use it,...and could pay the shipping to Florida if it was under $100

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    Hey Duder,
    Sent you a PM, and an email. Let me know whenyou have time to talk.


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    This is very kind of you Duder. I figure I am late as always. If you still have the chair I would love to talk to you about it, I sure hope you do. I have to go get prescriptions now and will try to contact you when I get back. Please try to let me know if you still have it. I'm positive we can work something out and I sure could use it!

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    If you still have it, would it be possible to borrow your old wheelchair for several weeks or a couple of months (until my wife no longer needs her crutches)? I live in Glendale and I could pick it up from you if you live in Milwaukee. It would be great if we could get it in time to use it to take her to the Christmas parade in downtown Milwaukee tomorrow. Thank you.

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    quad dude

    hey I can buy the chair is it still for sale?


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