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Thread: EasyStand 6000 Glider in L.A. for sale.

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    I am so sorry to hear you are so overwhelmed. IMO, caregivers have the toughest job out there. I trust you know about the caregivers forum here that is just opened for the CG's to ask questions and vent without the general members piping in. THere's also the women's forum as well.

    Any chance you can get your mother to come here for some information. I'm sorry that you need us but glad you found us. There's lots of info and support to help us get thru the day.

    I hear you with the attitude that all people are good. I feel empathy for those that don't have that feeling .

    Stay Strong.

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    Did anyone end up buying this?? I work for Spinergy Wheels and if you are still interested in selling it please email me at


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    All the chat and politics aside...If you would like to sell it, Please contact me. I need one and have cash in hand. I have a buddy in LomaLinda that can come along and load it for me. If you still have it and want to turn it into cash, please call, text or email me or use C.C. messaging. Whatever is easiest for you.
    Thank you for your time,
    Aaron Stanley

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    Will buy today

    I am still extremely interested in buying the EasyStand since my last post in June. I can pick the unit up as soon as you are available, I'm in the San Clemente area. Please message me and let me know if its available.

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