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Thread: clearwater florida weather

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    clearwater florida weather

    anyone know what the weather is like there in july im prolly goin the 11 threw 18 tryin to find out if its rainy around that time in july orany websites that may help ok thanks
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    im in ft lauderdale...almost 150 miles south but on east coast...and june-nov is hurricane season..but nothing ever till sept-nov...its been raining the past week..be4 that it was months of barely any.....this time of year is hit and miss......usually u might have a nice day, then rain comes through then nice again........just google clearwater...most cities have a tourist page and info on weather......
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    Hey there, it most likely will be in the low 90's, and a thunderstorm may pass through on a daily basis. They normally do not last long, but it will be HUMID.
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