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Thread: This has been a BAD week for disability rights!

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    This has been a BAD week for disability rights!

    From AOL
    HOA Halts Construction of Paralyzed Army Vet's Home
    | By Stefanos Chen | Posted Jun 28th 2011 8:30AM 1032 comments

    Plans to build a new home for a paralyzed Army veteran at no cost to his family have been put on hold by the local homeowners association.

    The reason, said the president of the nonprofit homebuilding group, is fear that the home would drag down property values in the neighborhood.

    The Evans, Ga., home was to be built for Army Sgt. 1st Class Sean Gittens (left), who was struck in 2008 by an IED blast on his second tour of duty in Iraq. The trauma left him paralyzed on the right side of his body and unable to speak.

    It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. "This is the total opposite of what usually happens," said John Gonsalves, president and founder of Homes for Our Troops, a nonprofit that builds homes for injured veterans. "We've met every requirement they've asked for," he told AOL Real Estate during a phone interview.

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    omg! i swear ppl like that need to go rot. the man serves his country, gets injured and some douchebag hoa decides to block a home for him being built?! scum. absolute scum.
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    I know you guys like to hate on Fox but they have been all over this story and subsequently have put a lot of pressure on the homeowners association.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t8burst View Post
    I know you guys like to hate on Fox but they have been all over this story and subsequently have put a lot of pressure on the homeowners association.
    Good for FOX! (file that under things I thought I'd never say)

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    people take their neighborhoods way too and let live!
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    It is a violation of the Fair Housing ACt. Home Owners Associations have a lot of power but they can not refuse access to a community based on an individuals disability and his need for an accessible home.

    I hope Home For Our Troops fights it.
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    I looked at the original article, and it turns out that Gittens is black, and Evans, GA is 84.61% White, 10.22% African American. More to this than just disability right, methinks.
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    $#@%ing disgusting either way

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    I saw this on Fox last week. It has got nothing to do with Disability rights.

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