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Thread: Saw a financial adviser today

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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    Thanks RR - I don't want to be on my deathbed, and thinking, if only I had tried harder, or took the risk commensurate with the kind of reward we're looking for....

    If I fail in this endeavor, I'll try something else. I'm 50 this year in the fall, so I don't plan on gatherin any moss. Aging with SCI isn't the most pleasurable of things in this world.

    If I run out of money, we all have excellent credit, so we'll borrow a million or so and try something else.

    Good luck Paul.
    I'm 40 next week and while currently not struggling for savings or salary, the milestone has made me re-assess my outgoings and,
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    30 did that for me.

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    I'm a military veteran and as such I have lifetime medical/prescription/dental/vision and a goodly sized pension. All of my kids college is paid for by the VA and I have a lot more benefits coming to me. I have life insurance thast is paid for by the VA and when the time comes a burial benefit.

    I also get SSDI. I live primarily on the SSDI check for all of my monthly expenses, so the rest of the money I get is discretionary. I save like a demon since I traded my health and longevity for these benefits.

    I have a very good lifetime income and guess that makes me a good catch lol.
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    I'm debt free. I rent, and plan on continuing to rent. When I'm 45 my kids will be adults, so I plan on taking a good chunk of the money I give in child support and putting it somewhere for 20 years.

    There's also a program here in Canada called the RDSP program. I can put in $1500 a year until I'm 50 and the government matches it with $4500. I've been doing it for 3 years so far and it's at 18k. By the time I'm 50 it'll be ~90k. Then it accumulates interest until I'm 65 (I hope!).

    And I still have most (90%) of the indemnity I received from my accident which, while nowhere near an American style court settlement, came with no lawyer fees or taxes, in a country with universal health care. It's in somewhat stable investments, but I worry about the American economy collapsing and taking our relatively stable economy with it.

    Then again, who knows where we'll be in 25 years...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RehabRhino View Post
    Actually, I'm with you on this my FA pointed out....what if I do get to 60 and want to carry on, wouldn't it be nice to have the choice?
    True, but at 60, does the UK have a social security plan like the US does? What do they live with the elderly in your country? Even if you want to go living, if you're still paralyzed then (Forbid), you'll likely be living at a slower pace, which may cost less in leisure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Type Français View Post
    Yep. Agree. Old and unemployed and SCIed? Not for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomRL View Post
    Saving all I can and continuing to work as long as possible.

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