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Thread: Does anyone know of any doctors that specialize in trach removal issues?

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    Does anyone know of any doctors that specialize in trach removal issues?

    I posted about two days ago about the problems I'm encountering with having my trach removed ("phrenic pacemaker/trach problems"). I said that I had found a specialist who would remove my trach, but now I'm not so sure. So I'm wondering if anyone here knows of any doctors who have experience and expertise in the area of trach removal issues. I am a C2/C3, vent dependent quadriplegic. I am currently using a phrenic pacemaker to breathe almost around the clock. And I used noninvasive ventilation (a mouthpiece during the day and a lip seal or nasal mask to sleep) 24 hours a day for 17 years up until about a year ago. I live in NY, so doctors in and around the area would be preferable. But any referrals at all would be much appreciated.
    Thanks everyone!

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    I'd recommend Dr. John Bach at UMDNJ if you had a neuromuscular disease, but I don't think he sees people with spinal cord injuries at the moment. I'm positive he could refer you, though. See bottom of for contact information.

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    Thanks Soliloquy!
    Actually I have been in touch with Dr. Bach, but I'm having trouble getting a clear picture of what he wants to do in terms of trach removal. It seems that my having a phrenic pacemaker complicates the situation. But I do have an appointment coming up with him next month. I just want to keep my options open in the meantime, as I'm currently kind of in the dark about my next step with the trach.
    Thanks again!

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    Sorry I have no advice for you, but did read your post. My husband has a trach.
    Good luck!

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