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Thread: pullups video, please give suggestions

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    pullups video, please give suggestions

    I made this video today, you can't see too much because of my chair, but maybe you can get an idea.

    I want to get feedback and pointers on different exercises I'm doing, the videos take a while to edit and upload but I will do it if I can get feedback that will help me progress. I will work on some more, thank you.

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    i dont see any pull ups here... i see shoulder shrugs, you can do them in your chair sitting down with weight cuffs on your wrists
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    btw ur vids freak me out man
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    yea, since ur lats are weak or non existant...and your not getting extention in your arms..your traps(neck/shoulder) muscle are kicking in ...u might do better with bands overhead and try to pull down.....
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    Looks like a good thing to put in the Ask a PT section. Might also describe your level of injury.
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    that is one hell of a contraption tho!

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    It looks like it would be better if the bar was 8-12" higher. That way you could pull up a little better.

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    Way to go. I'm impressed by anyone willing to put the time and energy into maximizing their potential.

    It's a great warmup exercize. I agree, if you can move the bar a little higher as you go. I do much the same in the gym with the smith machine. I start low and move the bar upwards to concentrate on different angles of the muscle group. With your standing while exercizing, it works more core muscles and also works on those small minute nuances that you can't get doing the same exercise siting down.

    I tie rubber cords and threa bands low on my stander to do pullup exercises while standing and have hooks overhead to tie cords and bands to eo overhead work. It's amazing how much more stretch and exertion you get with the support of the bands.

    It would help to have a full length mirror in front of you to ensure you are doing the exercize properly; What our mind perceives as straight may actually be doing it crooked. With the mirror you can see visually that you are doing the right form and function.

    The main thing is you are doing something proactive. You will reap the benefits of your routine; the worst thing is you'll get stronger. Good looking bar setup you have there.

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    Sorry I haven't been on the forums in a while. I'm still using the bar, I do hope to get a overhead band set up as a few of you have mentioned the benefits.

    Yes, the pullup bar is awesome, a friend overheard me talking to someone about something to pull myself forward with and he jumped in right away and built and set it up for me. A great friend. He's also working on something else to help me.

    Yes, we need to keep active, something is better than nothing. I started using google calendar to log my routine and it is a great motivator / help just to see my consistancy and to push just a little further.

    I did a week routine that I completed but it was not easy and made me dread another week. So what I DID THE NEXT WEek was tone it down but kept it consistant and I'm building it every week. I'm finding that tweaking it is good.

    Keep at it.

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