Am new to the forum, have tetraparesis CP, Hydrocephalus with a shunt, and am partially sighted. I suffer from muscle spasms and convulsions and have scoliosis. I have dislocated hips and inturning legs and feet. I´m a fulltime powerchair user.
My parents are reluctant to care for me and feel embarrased to do my personal care, and other care despite the fact I live with them. They use their ages and the fact they want to enjoy their lives as an excuse. I am 29, I have friends whose parents are older than mine and care for them.
I help with all daily tasks, personal care, dressing, showering, eating, being accompanied when out and at all times.
In the past I had care from a private company 4 times a day but me and my parents have realised its not enough and feel I´d need a PA.
How would I go about getting a personal assistant? who can be employed? What and who determines if I can get one? who can be a PA, can it be a family member? is there economic help available for those who would be my PA? where would I go to get recognised as needing one? what paperwork is there to be done?