After reading several posts on this topic, it seems that most people here have had extensive physical therapy. My entire course of therapy involved one month of my two month hospitalization, where someone would do range of motion stretches on my legs for one hour, five days per week. Some days I would do a few lat pull downs or sit on the edge of a bench and try catching a ball (which I managed to do without trouble... just a bit unsteady). I am almost 4 years post injury (T8/T9 complete, which I learned two days before being released) and have had no further therapy. Immediately after I was injured I applied to Shepherd and had several phone conversations with someone there who said I was an ideal candidate for their program. My insurance denied me due to lack of necessity. Could I have hoped for more return if things had been handled differently? I wasn't even educated on healthcare issues and didn't realize I had the start of a pressure sore on my butt until the day after I was released from the hospital. I was simply told to check my skin daily for breakdown when I got home, so clearly they didn't follow their own advice, or just didn't want to deal with the sore since my discharge was imminent. I've basically been educating myself through the internet and this site, and through trial and error. Anyone else have a similar experience?