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Thread: EASE Alternating air wheelchair cushion

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    EASE Alternating air wheelchair cushion

    Has anyone had any experience with the EASE or Aquila alternating air pulse cushions? When my pressure sore surgury heals, I want something better than a Roho Quatro to sit on.

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    aquila is alot better than the ease, a friend got an ease and they have like tubes in them, it was hard as a rock i thought, i rented an aquila corp one and used it at my easel and it worked great, VA just picked them up going to try and get me one this fall........they aren't perfect, but do what they are suppose to, u still need pressure reliefs.....

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    Thanks for that seems to be the only way to get reliable info.

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    Some time ago that same question was pondered at Wheelchair Cushion Sage. As is the case during any good discussion about cushions, there will be a diverse scope of testimonies and preferences. In this particular case, you have inquired about dynamic cushions. Due primarily to their expense and power requirement, dynamic cushions presently represent the least used type of cushion. Thus, in order to obtain a significant field of experience feedback it may be helpful to personally contact some of the customers who have provided testimonies on both the Aquila and Ease websites. While those testimonies will generally be favorable for the associated brand, you can also obtain some credible negative information about each cushion by simply asking the people whose testimonies are being offered. Both companies - Aquila and Ease - will gladly provide the phone numbers and/or email addresses associated with some of their happy customers.

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    Also take a look at the Ride Cushion (custom). We get a lot of these for our post-flap clients.


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    The Aquila didn't work for me, no matter how I adjusted it my ischials developed redness within 20 minutes. If you do try it, do so with the trial and monitor your skin closely. I'm back on high profile rohos, do weight shifts (not religiously every 15 minutes though) and lie down when I get the chance. I haven't had skin issues since.


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    The bestever alternating air seat cushion ( does not look as durable as the Aquila Airpulse PK alternating air seat cushion but the testamonials seem to praise it. Not too much more costly than the ROHO's and about 1/10th the cost of the Aquila. Seems to use the thin plastic tubes. Still marketing to bus and truck drivers certainly expands their market. The traveler version might work for motorcycles.

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    I used a Ride Design cushion and loved it. I never had to worry about it going flat and it kept me in just the right spot. The one thing that you have to watch out for in that cushion is your clothes being bunched up in places where the pressure is being transferred to. My shorts were bunched up under my right trochanter and I got a sore there. I don't have much meat left on my butt, just skin and bone, and that was enough to cause a sore. Now I sit on our Roho Hybrid Elite wich I pressure mapped perfectly on although I think I'm going to go back to the Ride cushion after some adjusting so i can get my ass out of bed more often and get back in school soon
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