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Thread: a knows-it-all-better caregiver

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    I think, words are the same: quadriplegic being Tetraplegie, complete/incomplete being komplett/inkomplett.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Regine View Post
    Would you argue with him if not, or just forget about it?
    No need to argue. Just tell him, with a sly smile, that he is completely wrong. Tell him if what he says is true, why are paraplegics classified as complete/incomplete also? Suggest he go back to google to find out & wink...

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    I think it is sad he wants to argue about something you have accepted. Whe does he think he is your DR?

    A caregiver is a helper not there to hinder you. A phone call and he probably could be replaced right? Is he so unhappy with his job he wants to argue with you, I guess I would ask him that.

    Some peoplejust have to be right all the time that is a sign of weakness I think.

    Good luck in your progress..
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    in rehab, they just said quad(4 limbs affected) para (2 limbs affected)
    of course was in 1978
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    know it all

    I have a caregiver like that is and you know what I tell her is, SHUT UP! I'M GOING TO TALK ABOUT THIS!!

    And you know what? she shuts up. I just don't put up with crap like that.

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    Did you ask him where he got his medical training? If so, it was incorrect. If he got his "info" from Wikapedia, well, we know what an authoritative source THAT is.

    I would tell him that he doesn't know what he is talking about, and that ignorance is nothing to brag about. Regardless, you are the employer, and he is being disrespectful of you.

    If you want to take the effort, print this article out from our own site, by Dr. Young (a REAL authority) and tell him to read it. I will be surprised if he does...


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    Quote Originally Posted by brucec View Post
    of course was in 1978
    Yeah. I was injured in 1985 and had no clue what people were talking about with ASIA classification when I first joined here. Now I know it was because "we" weren't "classified" until 1992. Not that it really matters when talking to most people (doctors included). The neurologist I saw last month had a hard time believing I wasn't actually moving my foot when he was testing my reflexes. He asked me 3 times if I had just moved on my own. Adding a sub-category to 'SCI T 4/5' would probably only confuse him further.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LindaT View Post
    I've learned which aides to let one thing go in one ear and out the other with.

    You're absolutely right. Especially nursing students. Most doctors don't even know all about sci issues unless they specifically work with them.

    Regine your aide is wrong. just say ok in a tone that no more discussion is needed and he can have the last word. Don't even continue the discussion. that's what i do and they get put off but the subject sure gets squelched.

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    I would start making arrangements to replace this guy if I were you. If he thinks he knows better than you on this subject, he'll probably refuse to do something you need done on the same grounds.

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    find the facts online, print it out, ask him if his x years of training taught him anything, give marching orders. With Soliloquy on this one... The attendants attitude needs readjustment. Rather than stress out trying to training said numbskull, insist your agency stop wasting your time with fools... A college education seems to give some people a God complex these days...

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